Mayu’s Projects Links

Yasukichi Murakami – Through a Distant Lens

Theatre work about Yasukichi Murakami, and Mayu Kanamori’s search for his missing photographs.

Live Photography

Experimental performances with simultaneous photo shoot and projection.

From Our School House 

Site-specific installation memory work in the Old Birrego School House. As a result of Cad Factory’s rural arts residency in collaboration with Vic McEwan.

In Repose

Site-specific multi arts work involving photographic and sound installation and performances in Japanese cemeteries in regional Australia. In collaboration with Wakako Asano, Satsuki Odamura and Vic McEwan.


A documentary performance and radio documentary about the life of Chika Honda, who was wrongly incarcerated in Melbourne for a decade for a crime she did not commit.

The Heart of the Journey

A performative slide show and radio documentary about Lucy Dann, an Indigenous woman who found out in her adult life that her biological father was Japanese.

Sugao no Australia

A photographic exhibition of subcultures in Australia.

Unseen Faces of Japan

A photographic exhibition of subcultures in Japan.




From Our School House

古い校舎でのアーチストレジデンシーにて創られたサイト・スペシフィック、メモリーインスタレーション。 ヴィック・マキュワンとのコラボレーション









Unseen Faces of Japan



2 thoughts on “Mayu’s Projects Links

    I heard your CHIKA piece on the ABC, I think, a while back. I had some court interpreting and I read up on the Melbourne Incident. I looked like an example of worst practice. However, your performance gave a sense of presence, immediacy and humanity to the people who had experienced the injustice. Congratulations on the great piece of work. Meredith Box, Canberra

    1. Hi Meredith

      Thank you for your kind words. I think / hope that the Melbourne Incident, although tragic in itself, has had a function to shed some light for present day court interpreting procedures for the better. Thank you, Meredith for being part of making our world a better place for everyone.

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